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April 13, 2011


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Sygate® Personal Firewall

User Friendly Security, Next Generation Defensive Approach

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New Sygate Personal Firewall 4.0 is more than an advanced, user-friendly personal firewall -- it is a bi-directional intrusion defense system. Sygate Personal Firewall ensures your personal computer is completely protected from malicious hackers and other intruders while preventing unauthorized access from your computer to a network. In essence, Sygate Personal Firewall makes your protected machines invisible to the outside world. That makes Sygate Personal Firewall a must-have security measure for any PC that connects to a private network or the public Internet. Once you've been compromised, every other network you connect to is at risk; including your home, business and online bank accounts. No matter where you use your computer, whether remote or behind a corporate firewall, whether dial-up or an always-on broadband Internet connection, Sygate Personal Firewall, gives you complete confidence that your precious business, personal, financial and other data is safe and secure. If that isn't enough, Sygate Personal Firewall includes advanced active-scan vulnerability assessment to pinpoint your weaknesses and fine-tune your security policy.

Sygate Personal Firewall delivers unobtrusive, highly configurable, enforceable rule-based security policy by constantly operating in the background of your PC or server. Policies regarding applications, trusted IP addresses, ports, protocols and scheduling can be customized to support and secure any network configurations or requirements. Designed with high performance in mind, Sygate Personal Firewall delivers top-notch security without sacrificing your computing power. Whether you're working, banking, gamming or chatting, Sygate Personal Firewall is protecting your computer by actively looking for hostile intruders and Trojan horse applications. If an intrusion attempt occurs, Sygate Personal Firewall detects it in real-time with built-in host- and application-based intrusion detection technology, while blocking it by default. You are immediately notified and, with your approval, your Internet connection is adjusted to prohibit further attacks. Likewise, if an unauthorized application on your system attempts to access the Internet, Sygate Personal Firewall blocks it by default, advises you of the situation and waits for your approval before proceeding further.

Sygate Personal Firewall, while highly configurable for power users, is extremely easy to use. Even the most inexperienced web-surfer can enjoy the Internet with complete confidence and security. Sygate Personal Firewall easily installs on your system by automatically detecting your Internet connection and settings.  Simply turn it on and your ready to go with advanced protection for all of your networking needs.

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