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Bugs and Fixes

SyGate 3.11

Interim builds not listed are for Sybergen "internal" builds that were not publicly released.

02/2000 - Build 565
New Apprule.cfg version 1.7.
Updated VXD drivers for Windows 95.
Fixed network information within SyGate Network Neighborhood.

01/2000 - Build 563 (Beta)
Fix to block external Telnet to port 7323 without enhanced security.
Add option to enable/disable built-in DHCP server on install.
Added support for Windows Millennium TCP/IP.

12/1999 - Build 560
Improved DNS IP forwarding.
Added support for improved handling of IPSec and PPTP.
Improved debugging information for logging and support.

11/1999 - Build 556
Includes new SyGate device drivers.
Change SyGate detection algorithm for DNS.

11/1999 - Build 555
Added AOL 5.0 Compatibility.
Fixed memory leak related issues reported on specific configurations.
Improved DNS handling and performance.

SyGate 3.1

10/1999 - Build 539 (final release)
Fix registration validation problem.
Blizzard StarCraft multi-client support added.

09/1999 - Build 538
Fix licensing and registration problem.
Fix DHCP server assigning duplicate IP to clients.
New configuration option to enable/disable Socks5 support.
Disallow outside IP to establish Socks5 connection if Socks5 is enabled.
New menu option "Exit Manager" on SyGate manager menu.
Replace SyGate30.pdf file with SyGate31.doc (updated documentation).

09/1999 - Build 535
Modified trial key algorithm.

09/1999 - Build 534
Added 30 day trial period and new registration codes.
Implemented Different tray icons for engine off, online, offline.
Added support for Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6.

SyGate 3.0

Build 523 (final release)
Added support for Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a.

Build 522 (Final)
Corrected errors on system when selecting log file.
Added support for Linksys Ethernet adapters.
Changed DHCP to assign IPs in sequence to avoid duplicates.

Build 521
Changed SyGate Manager UDP port assignment from 6666 to 39213.
Log file changed to capture past 1000 transactions instead of 3 MB.
Changed DHCP to look for already assigned IP addresses.

Build 520
Added support for Windows NT Service Pack 5.
Enhanced security changed ports 1000-4000 to ports 1000-5000.
Opened UDP port for ISP DHCP assignment.

Build 519
Changed DHCP to not assign like IP addresses.
Added support for frequent ISP DHCP assignment.

Build 518
3.0 Initial Release

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